The highest governing body of the Association is the General Assembly, constituted by the founding members and the number members who nominate a president who is responsible as legal representative, and a managing director.

The main functions of the General Assembly are to approve accounts, budget and administration, to designate the General Director, to vet the admission of new number members, to sign co-operation agreements and to modify statutes.

The Controlling and Administrative body, delegated by the General Assembly, is the Board of Management, at present composed of the President, six members and the Managing Director. Their functions include preparing and administrating the budget, evaluating proposals for research work and for admitting new associated and collaborating members and designating Team Directors.

The management and coordination of scientific-technical activities and of economic-administrative activities of the Association corresponds to the Managing Director. The area of Direction-management is structured into work teams led by team directors named by the Board of Managers.

These are in charge of directing the scientific-technical activities and enjoy a degree of autonomy, although they are controlled as to budget and management by the General Director.