For over twenty years, the Motor Transport and Automobile Laboratories of AICIA have worked in the realm of automobiles and have thus acquired great technical command of the subject.
The sections “Important Reforms” and “Historic Vehicles” are certified under the ISO 9001:2000 standard, proof of the quality of work carried out.



Important Vehicle Reforms

An official laboratory accredited to issue technical reports about important adaptations on road vehicles, according to royal decree 736/88 order cte3 191/02.
These reforms include pick-up vehicle parts, tyre changes, motor homes, tipping and multi-tipping vehicles, trailer hooks, maximum authorized weight reduction, adaptations for handicapped, etc.

Tests and Measurements

AICIA is authorized to carry out modelling and simulation of both automobile parts and whole vehicles. It is also qualified to perform tests.
Among the simulations should be noted: suspension simulation, steering systems, industrial vehicles, private cars, transmission systems, etc.
Among the tests: crash tests, high speed filming of dynamic processes, manual and automatic gear boxes and CVTs, alternative motor tests including power, performance and contaminating emissions.
Measurements in the field of temperatures ranging from -40ºc : 2000 ºc with a resolution of 0,1 ka 30ºc are performed with thermographic cameras.

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Historic Vehicles

Accredited laboratory in various autonomous communities to issue reports for cataloguing historic vehicles according to royal decree 1247/1995.
This cataloguing is an official recognition of the authenticity of an antique vehicle which means a series of advantages for its owner.

Technical Reports

AICIA carries out technical reports related to the automobile world.
Those related to the reconstruction of traffic accidents stand out amongst these.
In law suits about road accidents, the evolution and causes of the accident need to be determined in order to establish who is responsible. Here is where the Transport and Automobile Laboratory plays a part in the process.


AICIA supplies a series of technical services related to structure performance. These include from issuing reports and decisions to test performance.


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Technical Reports about Installations

Decisions related to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of urban and industrial infrastructure installations.


Technical Reports about Town Planning

Decisions related to urban aspects of industrial and urban infrastructure installations.


Technical Reports about Accidents

Technical decisions in regard to causes/origin of accidents in construction and industrial installations and of infrastructures.


Cartographic Database Management

Storing in servers and personalized management of geographic and cartographic data bases. Real time GPS data management.



AICIA provides help and advice services in automation and control systems for industrial plants.

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Performance of Control and Automation System Evaluation

Evaluation of solutions implemented in industrial plants and proposals for improvements.


Advice in Design and Choice of Control Solutions

Help in decision taking among the different technical solutions available on the market.


AICIA provides a series of technical services related to structure performance. These range from issuing reports and/or decisions to performing tests.


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Technical Decisions

Technical decisions are taken about structures performance that can arise from the complexity or innovation of the structure or from its failure.

Technical Reports

AICIA makes technical reports about the performance of structures and of certain of their parts. Among these, technical reports about the study of the behaviour of the material of which they are made.

Technical Advice

AICIA can give technical advice about the performance of any structure to various types of firms. This advisory service could be due to the newness of the building process or performance, both of the structure and of its material.




AICIA performs both static and dynamic tests on structures and/or structural elements. The performance of an element or structure can be deduced from these trials, as well as the experimental determination of important relevant parameters for calculating them.


Technical Analysis

AICIA carries out technical analysis about the performance of determined types of structures or associated problems. These can be based on numerical or experimental models.



Development of audits based on Logistic Auditory Processing and Management Modelling, capable of evaluating the logistic management of firms and the way in which this is in line with the global management of the organization.



AICIA carries out simulations of fluid-dynamic and mechanical processes by either finite element codes or 3D techniques.




Simulation using finite elements codes of mechanical systems under static and dynamic load combined with thermal load conditions. Evaluation of requests.



Simulation of fluid-dynamics processes: 3D fluid-dynamics analysis of any type of system.