In today’s society, the treatment and recycling of waste products requires a great effort in generating and optimizing both new and existing processes.
AICIA takes part in various lines of investigation in this important environmental area:

Characterization and evaluation of industrial waste

Centred on the search for new applications for the waste from various thermal processes, especially fly ash from pulverized coal in thermal plants but also for other similar wastes, such as ash produced in combined coal +biomass combustion, biomass combustion, and even for the solid waste from biomass gasification. This research takes in the different activities for waste evaluation, amongst which it is worth noting that of the manufacture of insulating and fireproof panels using fly ash and that which aims at the massive use of ash in the field of stabilizing/solidifying dangerous waste, directly using ash as a bonding agent or as the starting material for manufacturing geopolymers that allow for effective immobilization of the dangerous components in the waste.

Leachate treatment

The use of different residual materials in treating leachates from solid, urban waste dumps allows the high contamination level produced by the leachates to be reduced. AICIA has perfected a line of treatment, using synthetic zeolites obtained from fly ash from coal combustion at thermal plants and other industrial waste, to achieve an important reduction in the organic and nutrient load of the leachates which helps in the later conventional treatment.

Waste water treatment

The aim of the projects carried out along this line is to get to know the cleaning potential of the various physical-chemical treatments applied to urban and industrial waste water by carrying out laboratory scale tests or pilot plant tests with various water treatment operations such as: sedimentation, coagulation-flocculation, precipitation, active coal absorption, advanced oxidation processes, etc.