Methods, technologies and applications related to unmanned aircrafts or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and their associated systems (Unmanned Aerial Systems, UAS), including systems of multiple vehicles, such as:

Management of unmanned aircrafts

Management of unmanned aircrafts including helicopters and other rotary wing vehicles as well as fixed wing vehicles. Control of configuration change vehicles is also included.

Navigation and UAV avionics

Unmanned aircraft navigation including obstacle detection and avoidance, automatic visual navigation, automatic landing on mobile platforms, communications and new technologies for land stations. Development and integration of avionics equipment in unmanned aircrafts.

Multiple UAV systems

Multi-UAV coordination and cooperation, also including integration with land vehicles and structures and the necessary communications.

UAV applications

UAVs applications that include security, intervention in emergency cases, wildfires, installation and infrastructure inspection, cartography and 3D map making, agriculture and others