AICIA capabilities in this area include the fundamentals and electrical and thermal applications.

Total and Spectral Solar Radiation, Estimation of Solar Resources

The development of systems for measuring, modelling and calculating solar radiation. To this end, AICIA has a radiometric and meteorological measurement station located in the ETSI laboratories, the data from which has been used in numerous scientific works and doctoral thesis, as well as to generate data bases, statistical estimations and radiation maps which, amongst other things, have been used to determine the viability of the sites of the solar energy systems.

Thermal Conversion of Solar Radiation

The development of the technologies and components of solar radiation concentration systems necessary for attaining average and high temperatures, and their trial, operation and integration. In this line of investigation, one of the most notable elements is the Parabolic Disc with Stirling Motor which has the peculiarity of being connected to the supply distribution network, taken in by the special regime.

Tests on Low Temperature Solar Equipment

Thermal applications of solar energy, such as hot water for bathrooms, heating processes, direct vaporization....., for which AICIA has fully equipped installations for testing low temperature solar systems, designed and carried out with the aim of applying the European Norm to domestic (compact) solar fixture tests. This testing set, as well as being the base of research tasks in this field, has been serving the industrial sector for more than 10 years by fixture certification.

Analysis of Photovoltaic Panels and Systems

The Energy analysis of Photovoltaic installations and their electrical applications, both isolated or in the network, is a fundamental line of work for AICIA at their experimental installations at the ETSI laboratories. These installations allow the energy performance of any photovoltaic installation to be determined, from the power balance to the energy balance. Furthermore the products and services offered by AICIA in the photovoltaic sector allow the panel fields to be integrated, optimizing the tracking of highest power and thus allowing all the electrical network connection standards to be fulfilled.

Optical Systems for Photovoltaic Applications

Design, development and evaluation of concentrated refractive and reflective optical systems and variable parameters (lenses and mirrors) for photovoltaic solar use.

Modelling, Optimization and Control

The modelling, optimization and control of high, medium and low temperature Photovoltaic and Thermal Solar Plants. Automatic control of solar trackers. Calibration by artificial vision of solar panels.