Production management includes the set of operations necessary to start the production process effectively, taking into account production planning, production control, sequencing, and stock management amongst others.

Stock management

The tools employed for stock management include the prediction of demand and the associated inventory management and continuous feedback of the decision making process, incorporating learning processes. Different methodologies for planning store resources and defining indicators that permit permanent monitoring of logistics processes, and the corresponding decision making, are considered.

Integrated production systems

The integrated production systems bring together under the same focus of analysis the processes of demand prediction; production planning (that allows for the identification of quantities to be produced in a long term rotary horizon, typically annual and definitively monthly); production control (for medium term production decision making, typically monthly and definitively weekly); and sequencing (for short term decision making, typically daily).

Adapted production systems

Production organization using a manufacturing vision based on lean production and just in time principles which look for production adapted to the client, manufacture adapted to the objective and the available techniques, work organization adapted to the type of worker with regards to intellect, ability and the available tools, taking into account suitable occupational training for the end purpose; taking into account stock adjusted to the state of the market, supplies adjusted to short and medium term necessities, and at the same time an R&D adjusted to the needs of the firm.

Cellular manufacturing

The use of methodologies based on cellular manufacturing is aimed at organizing workshops in factory cells. To this end, families of parts are identified to which certain resources are assigned and which can be managed almost independently. Workshop control is thus simplified by subdividing the problem into various unconnected factory cell management problems. For this, the design of factory cells is tackled.