At AICIA, the integral simulation of gas turbines, steam turbines, alternative engines and combined cycles is carried out as well as the evaluation of polluting emissions, power and performance.
Alternative fuels in gas turbines for steam and combined cycles plants are also studied, evaluating the emission of pollutants.
AICIA carries out predictive maintenance, simulation with thermo-mechanical requirements and design of steam and combined cycle power plants.


Electric energy storage technologies are proving to be a key element in the integration of renewable energy sources, as they allow these resources, that are of a fluctuating nature, to be managed. Furthermore, they allow the best distributed generation systems to be developed by permitting the generation of electrical energy to be separated from its consumption. In this field of work, we are involved in developing national projects which allow us to offer products and engineering services for integrating storage systems based on battery technology, super condensers, flywheels, hydrogen, etc.