In the area of nanotechnology, a significant advance has been contributed by AICIA to developing and perfecting the following processes and technologies, applying the latest knowledge about the physics of the nano-manipulation of fluids:


Nano-encapsulation by “Flow Focusing” technology (air-liquid and liquid-liquid), using matrix formulations, chore-shell or multivesicular, for use in pharmaceutical technology and biomedicine, amongst many other applications.


Production of bio-inspired nano-fibres for use in medicine, biomedical engineering, etc.


Production of homogeneous sized nano-particles in a range inferior to 100 nanometres using “Electro Flow-Focusing” technology rather than other already established ones that were said to be the only ones capable of dominating this scale. The use and intelligent manipulation of these types of nanometric materials with mouldable electric charge, opens up great technological possibilities in fields ranging from biotechnology or analytical equipment to commercial equipment or mass commodity products. New formulations have been studied for these developments, (particularly totally biocompatible and safe formulations) that have allowed the selection and quasi-independent manipulation of the fundamental physical properties of the liquids of origin.

Micro- and nano-bubbles

Production of micro- and nano-bubbles for their use in medicine, basically in diagnosis (ultrasound contrast), genetic therapy, oncology, etc. To this end, the basic physical aspects on the micro/nano scale of the generation process have been identified by experimentation and numerical simulation.

Aerosols in the submicrometric and nanotmetric ranges

Mass production of aerosols in the submicrometric and nanometric ranges. The developments carried out in this point have permitted extraordinarily precise predictive mathematical models to be obtained, in spite of the intrinsically stochastic nature of the processes involved in the technology used (Flow Blurring). The developments carried out are used in the dispersion of active principles, from the smallest amounts to great masses, of potential use, for example, in geo-engineering, a new field of technological activity that considers the potential careful and calculated intervention in the atmospheric media and the planetary radiant balance.