AICIA is in charge of the reception of metallic materials for various firms.
This reception includes a series of destructive tests to guarantee that a batch of materials delivered meets the characteristics established in its classification and that are used for computing and designing elements.

The most significant tests used in reception are:

• Determination of chemical composition, Rockwell B hardness,
• Conductivity,
• Traction (batch control and installation control),
• Fatigue (Determination of SN curve),
• Tensile strength at fracture (KIC),
• Determination of the direction of grain,
• Exfoliation,
• Corrosion under stress,
• Intergranular corrosion,
• Cutting.

Numeric analysis of quasi fragile materials

Numerical analysis is carried out using cohesive numerical discrete or diffuse crack models. This allows the performance under fracture of concrete to be studied.

High performance concrete

AICIA is carrying out studies about the behaviour under fracture of high performance concrete, such as high resistance concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, etc.