AICIA activities related to hydrogen range from its generation starting from renewable energies to modelling, optimization and control of hydrogen based systems.

Hydrogen generation from renewable energy

The EU Set Plan that will govern the energy policies of the Union in the coming years has amongst its objectives the promotion of renewable energies, the use of hydrogen as a form of energy storage, and decentralized distribution. This line of research brings the first two objectives together by means of developing hydrogen generation technologies using renewable energy sources and taking advantage of surplus energy from wind farms to produce hydrogen as an alternative energy vector.

Modelling and control of fuel cells

Techniques of fuel cell modelling and control for operating the fuel cell modelling and control for operating the fuel cell and its auxiliaries independently or together with other energy generation or storage systems.

Fuel cell based hybrid vehicles

Modelling, Design, Control and Optimum Management of Hybrid Vehicle Power with a fuel cell.

Integration of hydrogen and renewable energy

AICIA is developing techniques for optimizing the storage of renewable energy in hydrogen.