AICIA is working on systems for transporting, supplying, storing, measuring and using electric energy as regards the technical, regulative and economic aspects.

Electric Market Programming

Complementary markets and services. Planning in systems open to competitors. Demand prediction and prices.

Exploitation of Transport and Distribution Networks

Best and safest operation of transport and distribution networks. Tools for energy control centres. State estimation. Electric grid planning.

New Generation Electrical Grids

FACTS equipment and Custom Power. Synchrophasor incorporation. Error localization. Digital signal processing. Digital protections. Intelligent distribution grids. Microgrids.

Quality of Electric Supply

Quality of wave and filters. Loss reduction. Measurement, analysis and electromagnetic field mitigation at industrial frequency. Service restoration. Demand management.

Advanced Control Centres for Electric Grids

SCADA, EMS and DMS systems. Design of flexible transformation centres (reconfiguration). Automatic voltage control devices. Reactive power compensation. Imbalance mitigation. Energy Storage.