Structures are a fundamental part of all types of infrastructures. They should be well analyzed from their initial structural conception through to monitoring their execution.

Technical Management of Infrastructures

Introduction of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for managing, operating and maintaining urban and industrial infrastructures.

Structure Projects

AICIA is able to perform projects for structures in any type of urban, civil or industrial infrastructure, focusing mainly on structure calculation. Structural calculations are carried out of complex structures such as bridges, tunnels and underpasses, or more simple ones such as industrial plants, buildings, hydraulics, etc.

Pathological Analysis

Pathological analyses related to various types of structural problems are performed. Amongst these are notable problems of cracking, excessive deformation, foundation settling, failure of structural elements, etc.

Structural Dynamics

Any type of infrastructure can be subjected to dynamic loads that its structure must support, such as the transit of vehicles, people, materials, etc. The definition of the dynamic loads, the determination of the strains associated to these loads and the analysis of the stress they produce on structures, are fundamental, to guarantee safe and functional infrastructures. AICIA is carrying out dynamic analyses of various structures with dynamic loads, both numerical and experimental.

Seismic Engineering

The building of infrastructures in high earthquake risk areas involves considering seismic effects on their structures. Taking these stresses and strains into account is fundamental in the project of any structure. Towards this, AICIA performs seismic calculations of important structures, (bridges, tunnels, overpasses, buildings....) found in high-risk earthquake zones.

Experimental Analysis of Structures

Infrastructure projects with large dimension, complex or technologically innovating structures may need prior experimental analysis on reduced or real scale models if possible. Furthermore, subsequent control of the stresses and deformations of key structural points may be necessary. AICIA has the knowledge and suitable technology to carry out experimental analysis, both initial and follow-up, of any type of structure, whether concrete, steel or any other material used in its construction.

Monumental Works

Studies of the stone of historic heritage monuments, covering from alteration diagnosis to restoration and conservation projects, are performed. The works include field studies, laboratory studies, bibliographies and reports. In the case of any intervention in a building, the work involved is also monitored.