Analogical and mixed microelectronics, especially low voltage supply and low consumption designs, with front-end application of communications and in industrial control circuits.

New sigma-delta modular architectures

New Sigma-Delta modular architectures in discrete time, such as multifrequency modulators, robust double quantification modulators and modulators with embedded PWM. New Sigma-Delta Modulator architectures in continuous time with inherent filter that allows consumption to be reduced in wireless mobile receivers.

FPGAs large scale digital integrated circuits

FPGAs are for purifying and testing large scale digital integrated circuits. AICIA has developed the FT-UNSHADES system in collaboration with the European Space Agency that is especially useful for applications requiring great reliability in circuits and components, typical of certain sectors such as space, aeronautics and automobile.

Statistical signal treatment

Estimation and detection of signals in noise. MIMO systems. Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Blind Source Separation (BSS).

Digital image treatment

Specific digital treatment techniques for digitalized images with applications in compression, enhancement, segmentation, classification, characteristics extraction, pattern recognition, etc. Content protection using sealing or watermarking.