This area includes various lines of research towards efficient energy production by developing clean generation technologies from fossil fuels, combustion gas cleaning and CO2 capture.


AICIA is developing a line of work in one of the most promising capture technologies: oxycombustion applied to coal. Oxycombustion uses oxygen (instead of air) in combustion processes, especially coal combustion and allows fumes with relatively pure CO2 to be obtained, which can be captured and stored or used immediately.

Capturing, transporting and storing CO2

CO2 capturing activities at post-combustion that are being developed within the framework of the Cenit CO2 project are included here. These consist of the design, at a Basic Engineering level, of a pilot plant for chemical absorption of CO2 based on amines and the subsequent execution of a complete experimental plan of tests to lay the bases of a design for a unit on an industrial scale.

Combustion and gasification gas purification

The limitations imposed by legislation on the emission into the atmosphere of combustion gases arise from the commitment of governing bodies to improving the environment and developing sustainable policies. To keep within these limitations, continuous improvement and innovation are necessary in the field of gas purification. AICIA has a line of research for developing combustion and gasification gas purification processes which has been successful for over 20 years in the field of capturing particles, acid gases (SOx and NOx), and minority components (metals, Hg, PM2,5 particles , CPMs, …). The application of hybrid technologies and non-thermal plasma reactors to control these pollutants is currently being worked on.