Application of engineering principals to the fields of medicine and biology

Outstanding in this field are the systems for computer-aided diagnosis by techniques and processes of digital treatment of multidimensional signals used for clinical diagnosis based on medical images obtained by photography, radiology, ultrasound, thermography, etc.

These activities have direct applications in:

Surgical instrumentation and technology

AICIA is working in the design and development of systems for analysing and managing images and integrated surgical data, as well as in the design and development of surgical equipment for Neurosurgery and Fetal surgery and in integrated systems with magnified vision, illumination, and micro cameras for surgical use.

Image processing

Computerized tomography image processing (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for visualizing and quantifying the distribution of liver fibrosis in patients with Hepatitis C and other pathologies in a non-invasive way. Development of segmentation and classification algorithms of images of burns, pigmented skin lesions, psoriasis, and any other type of dermatological disease.

Visualization algorithms

Design and development of algorithms to visualize, quantify, fuse and extract information from multimodal medical images (radiography, ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET). Design and development of molecular and optical image process algorithms for oncology fluorescence and other medical applications. Development of volumetric image segmentation algorithms of the human body (CT, MRI, PET,…).

Virtual reality applied to surgical planning

Development of algorithms for indexing, registering, and the intelligent recovery of volumetric images of the human body (CT, MRI).

Segmentation and classification of tumor lesions in the body

Development of algorithms to detect and analyse tumors (breast, urology, thorax, etc.) for early diagnosis.