Our activities in the field of bioengineering are mainly focused on the gasification of biomass and biofuel production.

Biomass Gasification

The line of thermochemical biomass conversion of AICIA aims at contributing to the development of technology for biomass and other waste combustion and gasification. This is achieved by an experimental laboratory and pilot plant programme, together with the development of simulation tools that permit the design and the scaling of these processes to be tackled with a reasonable amount of reliability. The development of a new gasification concept with the objective of drastically reducing the tar content in the gas produced deserves special attention.

Biofuel Production

AICIA is working to develop a technology for 2nd generation bio-ethanol production based on the gasification of lignocellulosic biomass. AICIA activities are centred on two concrete points. The experimental evaluation of catalysers for the catalytic synthesis of alcohols at catalytic synthesis laboratory and the conceptual development and technical-economic analysis through simulation of the entire production process, from the pre-treatment of biomass to the purification of the biofuel.