Research and development of new methods and technologies for robotics, including perception, planning, control, interaction with people and systems with multiple robots. The design and development of autonomous unmanned aerial and land vehicles. The development of prototypes and applications of robotics including natural environment applications, safety, services and manufacturing.

New robot prototypes

Design and development of new robot prototypes integrating control systems, environmental perception, reactivity and planning. Development of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). Application to security, safety, inspection, transport and manufacturing.

Air robotics

Research and development in new technologies for air robotics adding autonomous functions to unmanned air vehicles. Applications to security, border security, perimeter security, high resolution map building, inspection of installations and structures.

Planning and reactivity in robotics

New robot planning techniques, reactive navigation and mixed planned/reactive navigation, teleoperated systems and systems for interaction with people.

Perception in robotics

Systems of perception in robotics, including vision, proximetry sensors and sensorial fusion. Applications to robot guidance and interaction with people.

Multi-robot systems

Multi-robot systems and robot networks, including cooperative perception, optimum task assignment, trajectory planning and new decision architecture. Application in urban environments.